Reputation Doctor® LLC Launches New Service Offering Specifically For C-Suite and Independent Directors on Boards Called Executive Reputation Advisory

NEW YORK – Today, Reputation Doctor® LLC launched a new service offering worldwide called Executive Reputation Advisory targeting C-suite executives and independent directors of corporate boards.

“We are getting many more calls from CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, General Counsel, as well as independent directors of public companies for executive advisory services tied to high-stakes reputation matters,” said Mike Paul, president & CEO of Reputation Doctor® LLC. “As a result, we have developed a new advisory service focused on individual consulting and counseling sessions just for c-suite executives and independent directors on corporate boards,” Paul continued. In past, these professional services were only offered in yearly campaigns and usually focuses on the entire business enterprise.

The pressure and increasing fiduciary responsibility on C-suite executives and independent directors on corporate boards today is at a crisis point. As a result, Reputation Doctor® LLC created this new professional service offering called Executive Reputation Advisory to best help senior executives worldwide.
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Reputation Doctor® LLC is a top, virtual and global, crisis-communications and reputation-management firm providing professional advisory services worldwide through award-winning senior consultant freelancers since 2014.

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