Media Relations

Reputation Doctor® LLC’s Media Relations Division develops customized campaigns and programs designed to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our senior consultants are former journalists, editors, producers and press secretaries. We understand how the media works. We work daily with the top local, national and international news bureaus in print, radio, TV and online news.

In addition, Reputation Doctor® LLC provides comprehensive and flexible media training sessions to offer client spokespeople strategic messages that build, maintain and repair strong reputations with interview, presentation and speech opportunities. Our interactive media training sessions test the effectiveness of their messages through real-world scenarios. Reputation Doctor® LLC also provide clients with key advice on how to best answer questions and deliver messages in print, radio and TV interviews. Our senior consultants teach clients to understand the public’s perceptions and reactions, and how to anticipate reporters’ questions and news angles. We also teach the most effective message development and delivery techniques to help build, maintain and repair our clients’ reputations.

The news media is an indispensable channel for the delivery of key public relations messages. At Reputation Doctor® LLC, we place media relations at the core of every public relations program. With television, radio, print, online and social media, our extensive experience and considerable capabilities ensure measurable results for our clients. Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™

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