Crisis public relations (PR) is a highly specialized expertise within the global public relations profession which seeks to protect and defend a public individual, company, or organization facing a major public challenge or large threat to its brand or reputation.

Top crisis PR or crisis communications professionals are considered the “brain surgeons” of the public relations profession for their deep experience in the many disciplines within the public relations professional to provide high-stakes communication solutions to the biggest threats to global brands and reputations.

Key areas of expertise needed today on an experienced crisis PR tool-belt include:

•  High-stakes communications strategy
•  Global media relations strategy and implementation
•  Global corporation communications strategy
•  Senior executive communications counseling experience among leading board of directors and c-suite executives
•  Investor relations
•  Global regulatory communications strategy
•  Global stakeholders’ communications strategy
•  Litigation communications strategy
•  ESG and DEI communications strategy
•  Global government relations strategy
•  Global nonprofit communications strategy
•  Sports communications strategy
•  Entertainment communications strategy
•  Wealthy family and leading public figure communications strategy

Top crisis PR professionals offer winning solutions to crisis clients in various sectors of society including business, government, nonprofit, sports, entertainment, wealthy families and individuals, as well as other public individuals and organizations worldwide.

And always remember, because a PR firm says they have crisis PR experience, sadly, does not mean they truly have top crisis PR experience. There are very few PR firms with excellent crisis PR experience worldwide.

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