The term Reputation Doctor first began in early 1994, when one of Mike Paul’s clients first coined the phrase as a nickname for Mike after he repaired the global reputation and brand of both the leading CEO and his corporation.

Upon hearing the nickname Reputation Doctor, a Hollywood producer friend of Mike’s advised him of the power of the nickname and advised him use it often. As a result, Mike began using the nickname Reputation Doctor in his TV news commentary interviews in the early 90s. The nickname became a registered trademark and eventually also the name of Mike’s second firm, Reputation Doctor LLC.

Over the years, others in and out of the profession of crisis communications and reputation management began seeking to use the trademarked name as a general phrase within the profession.  It is never synonymous with being a “spin doctor.” Spin to Mike Paul is a four-letter word for a reason. It is a lie and totally unethical. Today, Reputation Doctor LLC defines a reputation doctor in the following way:

“A Reputation Doctor builds, maintains and repairs the brand and reputation of leading organizations and individuals seeking to rebuild the greatest currency, trust, through truth, honesty, humility, transparency, accountability and consistency. But not just any “reputation doctor” can coin or use the phrase without working for Mike Paul or Reputation Doctor LLC. Why? Because there are not many reputation doctors. There is only one Reputation Doctor. Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™ To learn more about Reputation Doctor LLC, check out our professional services.