Reputation Doctor® often receives calls from leading organizations and individuals worldwide seeking to scrub the internet of negative information which is harmful to their brand and reputation. In our opinion, many online reputation management companies make promises they can’t keep. Lying or stretching the truth never builds trust with any type of client or their stakeholders.

Here are the 3 BIGGEST MYTHS regarding online reputation management:

 Online reputation management companies can wipe the internet clean of all your negatives. THIS IS FALSE!

Online reputation management companies can never guarantee they can wipe the internet clean of all your negatives. They can seek to push them down from page 1 and replace the highest ranking negatives with new and positive content, as well as use other tricks of the trade to seek to hide negative content, but they can never accurately guarantee to wipe the internet clean of all your negative mentions.

Online reputation management companies best prevent clients from repeating crisis behaviors. THIS TOO IS FALSE!

Since online reputation management companies rely mostly on technology, they are not trained nor have best experience counseling clients with major reputation management and crisis public relations issues. This takes many years of counseling top clients with serious reputation management and crisis public relations issues with customized solutions and many tools external to the online reputation management world.

Online reputation management companies can prevent negative comments from reappearing high in search engines once moved or removed. THIS ALSO IS FALSE!

The algorithms used by Google and other top search engines improve every week and seek to counter many tricks of the trade. The best solution for online and offline reputation management always includes a truly comprehensive program run by skilled consultants with decades of experience both offline and online.

The best practices approach to global reputation management always seeks to change negative behaviors and poor decision making, which resulted in the negative issues in the first place, to best rebuild the trust of valuable reputations and brands. Trust is the ultimate currency. Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™

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