CLIENT: “God damn it, Mike! They can’t keep attacking me and my family like this! I hear you now. We have to do something!”


REPDOC: “ I am so sorry you and your family are experiencing this, again. Unfortunately, this will continue. As we discussed, we have to think from a worst-case-scenario perspective in all #reputation, #litigation #PR and crisis management planning and strategy. I said this in the past but you were not ready to execute the plan at that time. The media, your competition and the general public are usually not your friends. I have a plan to help and our legal team also has to listen, as they are not experts in the court of public opinion. I think they will listen now. I will counsel them about all today with you by my side. We will fix this.” #repdoctales #truth #trust #fillthevoidofinformation #business #politics #nonprofit #sports #entertainment #wealthy #families