From Tuko:


“Character and reputation are the most important assets that define who we are. They are far more important when compared to a good job, house, car, or even money. Famous scholars, politicians, and psychologists have developed famous quotes on character and reputation to inspire people to work hard to develop the strength of character that is needed to survive in the world today.

The question that most people ask is whether character is more important when compared to reputation. You should never fall into the trap of thinking that reputation is the single sole factor that defines your success. Character plays a critical role in your success when compared to your reputation. It defines who you really are regardless of the circumstances that are surrounding you. Reputation is nothing more than what the other people are thinking about you. This means that every person should be more concerned about their character than they are about their reputation. Here are some of the famous quotes that address the subject of character and reputation that everyone should know.”