Individual PR Services

Reputation Doctor® LLC senior consultants have been helping individuals build, maintain and repair their public brands and reputations for many years with customized, public-relations solution.

Top individuals who hire us for help include leading corporate executives, board members, elected and appointed government leaders, nonprofit executives, professional and Olympics athletes, top entertainers, celebrities, as well as average people who become “infamous” for alleged bad behavior offline and online.

Reputation Doctor® LLC also offers Executive Reputation Advisory to CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, general counsel, as well as independent directors of boards with high-stakes reputation issues. The common core among them all is Reputation Doctor® LLC is always called to help build, maintain and repair clients’ brands and reputations. We are among the best in the world at what we do.

Please give us a call today at 212-595-8500 for a free 15 minute consultation to best help your organization.

Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™