I'm Sorry

My Apology: It Was Hard, But Worth It

I'm Sorry

I recently apologized to several people and it was not easy. It never is, but the effort is always worth it not only for those you’ve wronged, but for you too.

As a top crisis public relations consultant, known as The Reputation Doctor®, I spend a lot of time counseling companies and leaders of all types. I often work very closely with very powerful men and women, but women tend to have much stronger habits regarding emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ is a very powerful tool for both sexes in leadership and in life.

I spend a great deal of time each day counseling leaders in how to best apologize for their bad decisions and behavior. Yes, my job includes damage control, crisis communications, reputation management and I’m a global fixer.… Read the rest

Marquise Braham photo

Statement from the Braham Family re: Pennsylvania Attorney General Grand Jury Report & Alleged Hazing Death of Marquise Braham


January 5, 2015

Mike Paul
Braham Family Spokesman

Statement from the Marquise Braham Family (from Queens, NY) re: Pennsylvania Attorney General Grand Jury Report & Alleged Hazing Death:

We are disappointed, though not surprised, to hear the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Grand Jury did not indict any members of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity for the death and/or hazing of Marquise Braham.

It is clear to us the Grand Jury was denied access to a substantial amount of evidence detailing the outrageous hazing Marquise experienced and its direct connection to his death. So too, the Grand Jury was not given access to mental health experts and friends and family of Marquise, who know the truth about the cause of his psychological crises and its direct link to the brutal hazing.… Read the rest

Funeral Card

Braham Family Filed Lawsuit Today Alleging Penn State & Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity Knew Marquise Braham Was In Crisis Over Severe Hazing Allegations, They Did Nothing & Worse, Sought To Cover It Up!

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Ben Carson Presidential Campaign Rap Ad - Satirical Photo

Mike Paul The Reputation Doctor® Comments on Ben Carson on CNN 11/07/15

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The U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidates

Reputation Doctor® Poll: Who Will Win The First Democratic Presidential Debate?


The U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidates

The U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidates

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