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The Reputation Doctor’s Top 10 List of Reputations in Crisis for 2010

It’s back! Each year, I put together my list of the top 10 reputations in crisis for the year and the following is the official Reputation Doctor’s Annual Top 10 List of Reputations in Crisis for 2010. This list is compiled by and solely the opinion of top crisis public relations and reputation management expert, Mike Paul, known globally as The Reputation Doctor.


I believe Haiti has the biggest reputation in crisis this for many reasons. To be blunt, it killed more human beings than the BP crisis and will have more lasting impact on people in general. Haiti got hit with a double whammy: the earthquake which killed over 100,000 people early in the year and then the hurricane which brought cholera and more deaths to the island in crisis killing more than 3,000 to date.… Read the rest


Mike Paul on Tiger Woods

Article: Around Tiger’s world in 365 days
Source: USA Today on 11.25.2010
Image by Andrew Brownbill, AP

Image expert Mike Paul of MGP & Associates thinks Woods still needs to fess up about exactly what happened the night of the accident, whether he cheated with porn stars and prostitutes and his treatment for sex addiction before he can begin rebuilding his reputation.

The best place to do that, Paul says, would be The Oprah Winfrey Show. The show’s spokesman, Don Halcombe, confirms the daytime talker has reached out to Woods but says there’s “nothing to announce.”

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Mike Paul Gives Tiger Reputation Advice For Augusta

Dear Tiger:

As you know, I have helped many clients in situations like yours over my 20 years of experience counseling clients in crisis. Here’s some advice from a seasoned veteran in crisis and reputation management:

Follow my 6 Reputation Bricks for an Excellent Reputation

As you prepare to talk to the press for the first time in many months without restrictions, you need to use my 6 bricks for building an excellent reputation now more than ever! These reputation bricks include truth, honesty, humility, transparency, accountability and consistency. Sadly, you are failing in all 6 areas right now.… Read the rest