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Trans Fat Is the New Cigarette – Packaged Food Companies and Fast Food Chains Have Reputations In Crisis!

“If you removed trans fat from the planet, the only people who would feel the difference are the people who sell the trans fat.” Commented Dr. Steen Stender, one of the leading Danish experts who lobbied for the anti-trans fat law in Denmark. According to the Associated Press, two years ago, Denmark declared war on artery-clogging oils, making it illegal for any food to have more than 2 percent trans fats.

Offenders now face hefty fines — or even prison terms. The result? Today, hardly anyone notices the difference. The french fries are still crispy. The pastries are still scrumptious. And the fried chicken is still tasty. Denmark’s experience offers a hopeful example for places like Canada, Chicago and New York City, which are considering setting limits on the dangerous artery-clogging fats. … Read the rest

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McDonald’s Pinocchio Reputation

“We knew there were always wheat and dairy derivatives in there, but they were not the protein component,” she said. “Technically, there are no allergens in there. What this is an example of is science evolving.” Comments from Cathy Kapica, McDonald’s director of global nutrition, regarding McDonald’s french fry crisis.

Would you like a lawsuit with those fries?

At least three people in the U.S. have filed lawsuits against McDonald’s because the fast food giant’s french fries contain milk and wheat ingredients, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. The lawyer for an Illinois woman with celiac disease says his client’s condition is set off by eating gluten, a protein found in wheat.… Read the rest