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Former Republican Aide Votes For Obama

Many of you know I started my career in politics before switching to public relations and reputation management. For those who don’t know, I was a former aide to several Republicans in the New York State legislature, a former top aide to former U.S. Senator Alfonse D’Amato (R-NY) and later a former top aide to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

In addition, I am a talking-head with several national T.V. news stations regarding reputations in crisis, but for the election cycle, I have also provided weekly commentary regarding the reputation and communications messages of both presidential candidates. However, I have usually been labeled a Republican consultant, which is not accurate. Ironically, I have worked with both Democrats and Republicans for many years.… Read the rest

John McCain, Barack Obama

Top 5 Reasons McCain Beat Obama in Last Debate

PHOTO: McCain Made Key Points Against Obama

I was honored to attend the third and final Presidential debate at Hofstra University and wrote this blog on site.

Top 5 Reasons McCain Beat Obama from the Reputation Doctor:

1. Joe the Plumber!
McCain finally understood that personal stories work. Joe the Plumber trumps Joe Six Pack! Everyone can relate to Joe the Plumber and everyone wants him to do well as a small business owner. McCain tied Obama’s economic program to increasing Joe the Plumber’s taxes and sharing his wealth and Obama labeling him a rich man as a plumber grossing $250,000. It helped McCain and it is a personal story we all will remember. A big point for McCain and it made Joe the Plumber a new star.… Read the rest


Hillary Clinton Just Gave McCain the Presidency

She was the First Lady, but, in my opinion, she won’t be the first lady president. But this is more than political analysis. This column is about reputation analysis. To be direct, Hillary Clinton has an ego problem! She believes she has earned the opportunity to be president. Hillary believes she is ENTITLED to be president now! Like a spoiled child high on sugar and filled with too much self-love from an out-of-touch parent (Bill’s role), Hillary needs to come down to earth. She can’t win and in my opinion, she gave the presidency to Senator John McCain by staying in the race this long. She’s raised the issue of race inappropriately at least a few times in her campaign. In fact, some in New York are calling her the “white” Al Sharpton for her race baiting techniques to gain more white voters.… Read the rest