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Howard K. Stern's Reputation In Crisis – Svengali, Love or Money Re: Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna was my life. She was my whole life. I loved her.” Cried Howard K. Stern after Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

According to several news agencies, Roger Gomez, the Bahamas’ chief magistrate, stated that island authorities now have a heightened interest in questioning Howard K. Stern regarding the death of Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel in September. The inquest in the Bahamas into the death of Daniel Smith has been set for March 26 2007, with Gomez assuming around 30 witnesses will appear in court.

New evidence and facts regarding Smith’s sudden death and that of her son are continually arising and raise further suspicions and questions, especially regarding Howard K. Stern. Gomez said that both Smith and Stern were in the hospital room when Daniel Smith died.… Read the rest

Liz Tayor on Larry King

Elizabeth Taylor Defends Her Reputation on CNN’s Larry King Live

“Oh my God. Am I dead? Am I alive?” Said Elizabeth Taylor, the 74-year-old legendary actress this week on CNN’s Larry King Live to defend her reputation.

According to E! Entertainment, Elizabeth Taylor is speaking out against tabloid “death watch” reports that she’s gravely ill and fighting a losing battle—or any battle—with Alzheimer’s disease.

In her first television interview in three years, the legendary Dame scoffed at the rumors on Larry King Live Tuesday night, claiming she’s never suffered from the debilitating disease and that reports to the contrary are simply “dirty.”

“Oh, come on, do I look like I’m dying?” she said on the CNN show. “Do I look like or sound like I have Alzheimer’s?”… Read the rest