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Top 10 List of Reputations in Crisis for 2008

NEW YORK – The following is Mike “The Reputation Doctor” Paul’s Annual Top 10 List of Reputations in Crisis for 2008. This list is compiled by and solely the opinion of global reputation management expert Mike Paul. You’ve seen him weekly as a guest TV news commentator analyzing top individual and organizational reputations in crisis.


The rising defaults on subprime mortgages in the US triggered a crisis for money markets worldwide. Many of the world’s leading investment banks have collapsed as a result and the U.S. government has proposed a massive bail-out. The crisis has become one of the most radical reshapings of the global banking sector, as governments and the private sector battle to shore up the financial system following the disappearance of financial corporations like Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch and Wachovia as independent entities and the $85bn government rescue of insurance giant, AIG.… Read the rest


Thanksgiving and Reputation



2008 has been a rough year for many and especially the last few months. I have many friends out of work on Wall Street and on main street. When these friends call for advice on how to handle the current crises in their lives I remind them that we are called to give thanks for not only the good things in our lives, but also for the crises in our lives. Some become humbled and want to know more and some look at me like I am crazy!… Read the rest