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Howard K Stern Walk Court Bahamas

The Reputation Doctor Says Howard K. Stern Should Lose His Legal License in California

In my opinion, Howard K. Stern should lose his legal license to practice law in the State of California. Said another way, he should be Nifonged! I have been saying this now for over six months and I have also said so in several TV news interviews. The State Bar of California’s Disciplinary Committee should have started an investigation months ago into Mr. Stern’s professional misconduct, especially in regarding to having many of Anna Nicole Smith’s prescriptions in his name, personally instructing doctors to use false names and personally ordered the drugs from doctors in this way, not Anna. This is obviously illegal and unethical! As an attorney, he is in bigger trouble than if he was an average citizen doing so.… Read the rest

Roger Gomez

Howard K. Stern's Reputation Still In Crisis – Was He Involved In The Death of Anna Nicole Smith's Son, Daniel?

“Jurors’ responsibilities will include assessing potential liability in Daniel Smith’s death, and they could recommend that prosecutors pursue criminal charges.” Said Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez in the Bahamas. Photo: Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez Holding Daniel Smith’s Police Investigation Documents In Court

Now that we finally got confirmation that Anna Nicole Smith died of an “accidential overdose” of prescription drugs, another investigation is speeding up in the Bahamas. As the various players prepare to participate in the inquest, Anna Nicole Smith’s former friends, G. Ben Thompson and his son-in-law Ford Shelley, share the revelation that Daniel may have been grappling with anorexia.

“[Anna] was worried he was anorexic,” Shelley tells Entertainment Tonight’s Mark Steines. “He had a touch of anorexia and depression and we had been told that he had been hospitalized [before],” says Thompson.… Read the rest

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Howard K. Stern's Reputation In Crisis – Svengali, Love or Money Re: Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna was my life. She was my whole life. I loved her.” Cried Howard K. Stern after Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

According to several news agencies, Roger Gomez, the Bahamas’ chief magistrate, stated that island authorities now have a heightened interest in questioning Howard K. Stern regarding the death of Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel in September. The inquest in the Bahamas into the death of Daniel Smith has been set for March 26 2007, with Gomez assuming around 30 witnesses will appear in court.

New evidence and facts regarding Smith’s sudden death and that of her son are continually arising and raise further suspicions and questions, especially regarding Howard K. Stern. Gomez said that both Smith and Stern were in the hospital room when Daniel Smith died.… Read the rest

Anna Nicole Smith in Black

Anna Nicole Smith’s Reputation in Crisis Again with Son’s Death and New Baby Drama

“Smith ordered the follow-up autopsy to end “media speculation surrounding the matter.” Commented Anna Nicole Smith’s Bahamian attorney Michael Scott.

Anna Nicole Smith’s son was on prescription anti-depression medication when he died at the hospital bedside of the former reality TV star, a pathologist who did a second autopsy on the 20-year-old said Monday.

Daniel Smith began taking a ”quite low” dosage of prescription antidepressants four to six weeks ago, said forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht. He said he did not know whether the medication played any role in the death. He is still awaiting the results of toxicology tests to determine the cause of death.… Read the rest