Jersey Couture Stars and Diane and Co. Dress Store Owners Defend Their Reputation With Truth Vs. Lies

NEWS: A top PR firm, MGP & Associates PR, led by Mike Paul, has been hired by Diane & Co to help communicate the TRUTH about the Jackie Genovese dress situation and the lies being spread near and far.

Here are 4 important FACTS from Mike Paul about the lies:

1) A REFUND AND A PROMISE OF A FUTURE DRESS WERE BOTH GIVEN TO KEITH GENOVESE, THE FATHER OF JACKIE GENOVESE (THE FATHER BOUGHT THE DRESS, NOT THE DIVORCED MOTHER.) Keith Genovese has received both a full refund for the dress and a promise that when Jackie wants a dress for a future need (next year’s prom), Diane & Co. will provide one for FREE. Keith Genovese apologized for his ex-wife’s (Dana West Santanastaso’s) inappropriate behavior, especially asking for a refund for a dress she did not buy.… Read the rest


The Reputation Doctor and Others Comment on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child

Will Arnold’s Hollywood Career Be Affected by his Love Child Crisis? Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor, and others offer comments on this and more.

See Video Below for More Details:

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Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor, Comments on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child

Will the reputations of Arnold and Maria survive Arnold’s child out-of-wedlock crisis?

See video for more:

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The Reputation Doctor Comments on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Separation

Will Arnold and Maria get a divorce? Will they be back, together? How will all affect their reputations as a family and individually?

Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor, offers his expert opinion:

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Chris Brown Gets Into An Explosive Argument At GMA

Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor, Comments on Chris Brown’s Meltdown and Violence on ABC’s GMA






















Chris Brown’s reputation is still in crisis. His recent meltdown this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America didn’t help things at all. Sadly, he is still filled with hubris, anger and pain himself. This is a prime example why attorneys are not experts in the court of public opinion. They need to stick to the court of law and only communicate to judges and juries. His attorney, Mark Geragos, is running the show and not helping Chris Brown’s reputation at all! Mark is an excellent attorney, but not an expert in crisis PR and reputation management, which Chris Brown needs desperately today.… Read the rest

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