NEW KOCH: Rebranding the Koch Brothers

Mike Paul, The Reputation Doctor® and Others Comment on The Koch Brothers’ Rebranding Campaign

NEW KOCH: Rebranding the Koch Brothers

NEW KOCH: Rebranding the Koch Brothers

I had the honor of being interviewed by Jane Mayer of The New Yorker for this excellent new article on the Koch Brothers.  I hope you enjoy it in the link below:

January 25, 2016 NEW KOCH: Rebranding The Koch Brothers by Jane Mayer, The New Yorker MagazineRead the rest

Marquise Braham photo

Statement from the Braham Family re: Pennsylvania Attorney General Grand Jury Report & Alleged Hazing Death of Marquise Braham


January 5, 2015

Mike Paul
Braham Family Spokesman

Statement from the Marquise Braham Family (from Queens, NY) re: Pennsylvania Attorney General Grand Jury Report & Alleged Hazing Death:

We are disappointed, though not surprised, to hear the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Grand Jury did not indict any members of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity for the death and/or hazing of Marquise Braham.

It is clear to us the Grand Jury was denied access to a substantial amount of evidence detailing the outrageous hazing Marquise experienced and its direct connection to his death. So too, the Grand Jury was not given access to mental health experts and friends and family of Marquise, who know the truth about the cause of his psychological crises and its direct link to the brutal hazing.… Read the rest

Funeral Card

Braham Family Filed Lawsuit Today Alleging Penn State & Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity Knew Marquise Braham Was In Crisis Over Severe Hazing Allegations, They Did Nothing & Worse, Sought To Cover It Up!

Read the rest

Crisis Plan

Reputation Doctor Diversity Crisis Proposal re: Solutions for the Lack of Senior Executives of Color in Advertising & Public Relations Industries

Read the rest
Bill Cosby

Can Bill Cosby Still Save His Reputation?

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Last week Sunday, I appeared on WABC TV’s Here and Now with Sandra Bookman to discuss Bill Cosby’s ongoing reputation in crisis. Many have asked to view this important interview. The interview includes my professional opinion and answer to the following important question:

Can Bill Cosby’s reputation still be saved today? Please watch the interview HERE and I look forward to your feedback in my comments section. Thank you.… Read the rest

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