Jersey Couture Stars and Diane and Co. Dress Store Owners Defend Their Reputation With Truth Vs. Lies

May 22, 2011

NEWS: A top PR firm, MGP & Associates PR, led by Mike Paul, has been hired by Diane & Co to help communicate the TRUTH about the Jackie Genovese dress situation and the lies being spread near and far.

Here are 4 important FACTS from Mike Paul about the lies:

1) A REFUND AND A PROMISE OF A FUTURE DRESS WERE BOTH GIVEN TO KEITH GENOVESE, THE FATHER OF JACKIE GENOVESE (THE FATHER BOUGHT THE DRESS, NOT THE DIVORCED MOTHER.) Keith Genovese has received both a full refund for the dress and a promise that when Jackie wants a dress for a future need (next year’s prom), Diane & Co. will provide one for FREE. Keith Genovese apologized for his ex-wife’s (Dana West Santanastaso’s) inappropriate behavior, especially asking for a refund for a dress she did not buy. He also apologize for his custody war with his ex-wife spilling over into a dress purchase for his daughter. He also apologized for his ex-wife pulling their daughter into the fight herself. Genovese had no idea his ex-wife had attacked the store and the reputations of the Scali family.

2) THE MOTHER NEVER BOUGHT THE DRESS: The father and mother of Jackie Genovese are divorced and the mother (Dana West Santanastaso) had nothing to do with the purchase of the dress and is using the dress as a tool in her custody fight against her ex-husband for her daughter. Her own ex-husband says her anger and rage against the store is really about her anger and rage against him and their custody battle for their daughter. Sadly, lots of misplaced anger.

3) THE MOTHER TRIED TO GET MONEY BACK ON A DRESS SHE NEVER BOUGHT: More than a day BEFORE the tragic death of James Volpe in a car accident, Dana West Santanastaso, Jackie Genovese’s mother, called Diane & Co. without leaving a name and said she wanted a full refund for a dress she didn’t buy for her daughter.

4) DANA WEST SANTANASTASO IS USING THE TRAGIC DEATH OF JAMES VOLPE TO HURT OTHERS INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THE TRAGIC LOSS OF HER DAUGHTER’S BOYFRIEND: Dana West Santanastaso began ranting and raving profanity and threatening to ruin the reputation of the Scali family and the store if she did not get her way more than a day BEFORE the death of James Volpe. Then after his tragic death more than a day later, she tried to use Volpe’s death as leverage to ruin the reputation of a reputable store and family. Sounds crazy, but true. Then Dana West Santanastaso began a fraudulent Facebook boycott campaign based on lies and deceit to hurt Diane & Co. The saddest part of this story is Volpe’s tragic death. It should never have been part of this story of lies. A father simply bought a dress for his daughter, not his ex-wife, who sought money back on a dress she never bought for their daughter and attached it, after the fact, to the tragic death of a teen. What a shame.

“When divorce bleeds into other things, it hurts many other people, including many innocent people external to their troubled family,” said Mike Paul. “But the truth always bubbles to the top and convicts the fraudulent and sets others free! Dana West Santanastaso should be very ashamed of herself for her lies and deceit of this story. The tragic death of James Volpe has not been lost on the Scali family. Soon the Scali family plans to announce a way in which they will help celebrate James Volpe’s courageous life. Volpe, the boyfriend of Genovese, recently died in a tragic car accident,” continued Paul.

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2 Comments to “Jersey Couture Stars and Diane and Co. Dress Store Owners Defend Their Reputation With Truth Vs. Lies”

  1. Anonymously Sorry May 23, 2011 at 1:11 am

    WOW! I actually defended the young girl b/c I read all the facebook posts about this girl purchasing a dress for a prom, the boyfriend passed in a fatal car crash prior to the prom and as a result the GIRL tried to return dress for refund and store firmly denied refund yet offered a 1year store credit. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my posting this b/c I do NOT appreciate getting sucked into something that may be based on lies. If the above story is true, then shame on all of you who KNEW of all of the above and took part in attempting to boycott this business. Again IF this is true, I’m disgusted w/ ALL parties involved in attempting to exercise a powertrip and use your friends to hurt this woman and her business. I apologize for any comments but any comments I made were all based on what I thought to be true. If you read my posts, you will see that I did not attack this woman but simply stated how I felt it was something that should be rectified. I don’t feel the need to defend myself but if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. God help those who created this chaos! I will find out and I will soon be deleting some people very soon. If you did out of ignorance due to the mom and even daughter lying to you, then you only attempted to do what you felt was right, but we AGAIN learn a lesson here to GET THE FACTS before we go on a witch hunt. We are and should be more civilized than this.

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