Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor, Comments on Chris Brown’s Meltdown and Violence on ABC’s GMA

Mar 22, 2011






















Chris Brown’s reputation is still in crisis. His recent meltdown this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America didn’t help things at all. Sadly, he is still filled with hubris, anger and pain himself. This is a prime example why attorneys are not experts in the court of public opinion. They need to stick to the court of law and only communicate to judges and juries. His attorney, Mark Geragos, is running the show and not helping Chris Brown’s reputation at all! Mark is an excellent attorney, but not an expert in crisis PR and reputation management, which Chris Brown needs desperately today. I could really help this kid. WABC-TV’s Sandra Bookman interviewed me for my expert opinion on this story today. ABC-TV News ironically removed their video online after paying for photos rights of Chris Brown for only 24 hours. I personally also think the video was removed because ABC News and GMA executives tried to get Chris Brown back on GMA and decided not having the story on the website attacking him might help in getting him back.

What I said in the interview was it appears his legal counsel, Mark Geragos, is also controlling his reputation management and PR strategy. Not so smart. I also said whoever his PR counsel is today (he has changed PR strategist like he changes his clothes) is not very competent.

* Allowing him to tweet more hurtful speech. Dumb.
* Not making him realize he needed to apologize immediately. Dumber.
* Hoping all the questions about Rihanna will just go away. Just plain stupid.

Chris Brown needs to own the issue of hitting Rihanna. He needs to speak about it often and in every interview to prove he has learned from his mistakes and will never hit a woman again. Obviously after his recent violence in throwing a chair at a window overlooking Times Square at the Good Morning America studio, he still has major anger issues and still has not been properly media trained.

If he were my client, he would have been properly media trained weekly for at least a month or two before his album release to best prepare him for worst-case-scenario media interviews. I would have also used the photos of Rihanna after he beat her to make him realize the media will use those visuals too. He is really naive, filled with hubris and needs to be scared straight again to realize he must deal with the Rihanna beating issue for the rest of his life. The sooner he realizes this and works to change his behavior, the better.

True reputation management involves counseling a client, like Chris Brown, through the fire. This is more about heart work, than head work. This is more about coming to truth and being honest with himself first and using it as a tool to best repair his reputation. This is not traditional public relations or publicity. This is a professional specialization in public relations called crisis public relations and reputation management and the goal is changed behavior through counseling. I can really help this kid through the fire. I hope he listens to my advice and perhaps even picks up the phone.

Blessings and Peace,

Mike Paul
The Reputation Doctor
MGP & Associates PR

Remember, do the right thing when your reputation is in crisis and seek the counsel of an experienced reputation management expert. It will be a major challenge, but ultimately the rewards of repairing your reputation will be great. Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™

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