What Does The Reputation Doctor Really Do?

Nov 1, 2010

Welcome to my revised blog!  I am sorry I have not written a blog entry since Tiger in April.  I promise to write much more often and keep you informed of all type of reputations in crisis and solutions for getting them back on track.  Please click on my RSS feed or FeedBurner to automatically follow my blog.  In addition, join my Reputation Doctor page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! (Links are on the right hand column.)

Many people have asked what I do for a living day to day. They know I work in public relations, but they also know what I do is different than publicity and different than those working in traditional corporate communications and strategic PR.

Less Traditional PR and More Counseling of Bad Behavior

Think Doctor Phil for your reputation or Oprah for your crisis.  I am not a licensed doctor or have I earned a Ph.D. The Reputation Doctor is a nickname given to me by a crisis client over 16 years ago. As a result, the nickname stuck and I use it as my professional brand, in the media, and as an author. For more than 20 years now,  I spend most of my consulting time counseling public people and public organizations with reputations in crisis.  I am not a spin doctor. Spin to me is a four-letter word and the opposite of what I do.  I counsel people to lean on truth and overcome fear to walk through darkness into light.  If fact, I am proud to say what has guided me to the top of my profession to this day has been a philosophical mix of both business and biblical principles.  The building blocks of what I do include counseling all types of clients to use truth, honesty, transparency, accountability and consistency to rehab their reputations back to excellence.

I counsel leaders in global corporations, politics, nonprofits and charities, professional and Olympic sports and celebrities of all types in Hollywood and global entertainment. I even counsel private people who have become infamous for their mistakes and problems creating infamous reputations in crisis. My work is usually strictly confidential and the stealth nature of my work has many guessing exactly who I work with and exactly what is it I do. The best I can do is offer categories of my work.  For example, in the past several weeks, I have provided the following crisis public relations and reputation management services:

* Counseled a Chinese corporation rehab its reputation after creating a product which had chemicals in it that were a danger to human life;

* Helped a global charity which was charged with unethical fund-raising practices;

* Provided counsel to a leading celebrity involved in a very difficult divorce;

* Provided crisis media relations for a professional athlete with a reputation in crisis;

* Counseled a president of a developing country on the dangers of fraudulent activities in the country as they seek to become more democratic;

* Helped a national healthcare organization through a medicare fraud investigation;

* Counseled the board and C-suite of a global corporation regarding alleged fraudulent activities on Wall Street.

* Developed a crisis preparedness drill for a global corporation concerned about social media attacks and negative press for an upcoming trial.

* Counseled a candidate for Governor on how to stay calm in the crisis storm.

* Helped an excellent medical doctor fighting libelous and fraudulent charges filed by an unethical medical doctor because of jealousy.

Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!TM

As I specialize in building, maintaining and repairing reputations of all types, I must lean on something larger than myself to help me in the process.  As a result, my relationship with God is very important to the process.  As a Christian, I pray for my clients, seek God’s guidance in making decisions for my clients.  Ask for help to be courageous to tell me clients when they are wrong, at risk of angering them or worst, being fired by them.

Besides consulting, I enjoy writing and I am currently writing my first non-fiction book on reputation for a lay audience.  I’m also a news commentator on TV, radio and in print media worldwide.  Over the past few years, I have been approached to do several TV shows.  From reality TV to talk-show opportunities, and I have turn down most of the opportunities to date because they were not a good fit for me.  However, several new opportunities seem more promising and I will be making some decisions on both T.V. and movie projects in the near future.  I will also be exploring radio show opportunities, more books, more professional speaking opportunities and even a potential return to commercial acting opportunities and more.

My Reputation Doctor brand is really taking off and providing opportunities of all types now reaching my desk for consideration.  However, I will also be a consultant and counselor at heart forever, as I love to help people overcome their reputations in crisis based on leaning on truth and helping them with behavioral change to achieve their reputational goals for their careers and for life.  I hope that answers some of the questions you have been sending me about what it is a actual do.  What do you think?

Remember, do the right thing when your reputation is in crisis and seek the counsel of an experienced reputation management expert. It will be a major challenge, but ultimately the rewards of repairing your reputation will be great. Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™

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