Reputation Lesson of the Week: Being Late Like Nate Is Bad For Your Reputation!

Nov 11, 2010

I love this American Airlines Commercial. It reminds me of one of my favorite lessons I like to teach kids about their reputation. If you are late most of the time, it will tarnish your reputation! Having a reputation of being late is never a good thing and it can influence whether people want to be around you in general. Even worse, when you are old enough to work, lateness can get you fired! Thank God our friend Nate learned his lesson just in the nick of time! Watch the video below for more details.

Remember, do the right thing when your reputation is in crisis and seek the counsel of an experienced reputation management expert. It will be a major challenge, but ultimately the rewards of repairing your reputation will be great. Why? Because Your Reputation Is Everything!™

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3 Comments to “Reputation Lesson of the Week: Being Late Like Nate Is Bad For Your Reputation!”

  1. Clever use of the commercial to tie in reputation! What people sometimes forget is that reputation these days isn’t just influenced by your behaviors offline, online plays a major role, and now your reputation can be tarnished even more. How you conduct yourself in your every day business, can be spread into the online space and the way the world sees you is affected.

    • Thanks Nick. In agree, the online word is very important for managing one’s reputation, but TV, radio and print media are still big monsters to deal with in managing your reputation on top of it all.

  2. i agree that being late will tarnish your reputation and can destroy trust that leads to discouragement and negativity of your personality

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